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Boost your vehicle's performance with a new automotive battery from Sears

Over time, batteries can lose capacity, resulting in sluggish and unreliable performance. By regularly replacing the battery in your car, ATV or motor boat, it can avoid potential problems further down the road. Whether you’re getting the family ready for a cross-country road trip, preparing for a day of yard work or spending a weekend at the lake, new automotive batteries from Sears can provide a consistent source of power for any vehicle in your fleet.

Add new life to your family car with a reliable new car battery. If your vehicle has been slow to start or the car electronics have been operating with noticeable inconsistency, a fading or corroded battery could be the problem. New batteries include clean connectors for a consistent stream of power no matter where you’re headed.

The latest lawn and garden batteries can keep your riding mower and snow removal equipment going strong year-round, while power sport models provide high-octane power to your recreational vehicles. Commercial and marine batteries are specially designed for dependable performance at the jobsite or out on the water. Installing new automotive batteries is simple using compatible auto replacement parts and battery accessories. Supply your vehicles with stable access to power with a new automotive battery from Sears.