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Power up your Car or Motorized Equipment with a new Battery

When shopping for new car batteries, you can depend upon Sears to deliver the best selection to ensure that you and your family are able to safely travel to the places you need to be on a day-to-day basis. From Diehard to Schumacher starters and Chrome motorcycle batteries, we stock what you need to get on the road with confidence. You'll find a wide variety of automotive battery designs, features and grades that gives your vehicle the best in reliability and performance.

Our extensive line of car batteries come in models that provide you results tailored not only to your vehicle, but to varying conditions like specific climates. DieHard, one of the most trusted battery brands in the industry, also can be reliable in technological advancements, including boosting power as well as prolonging the life of your battery. Our models offer cold-cranking amps ranging from 585 cold cranking amp (CCA) levels to 850 CCA for durability and up to 165 minutes of reserve capacity, allowing you to operate accessories without running the engine. Once you get the right battery, find portable power solutions for emergency preparation, or for when driving cross-country or going camping.

Sears carries a selection of automotive batteries that operate more than your car or truck. Also find the best batteries for lawn tractors and mowers, as well as motorbikes, boats and other power sports vehicles like jet skis. From lithium-ion batteries for smaller garden tools to the hard-driving lawn and tractor automotive batteries, you can be sure that your tractor or mower will do the job when you need it. Part of your automotive preparedness is to have not only accessories for your lawn equipment or vehicle but also car inverters in case of emergencies and recharging car batteries.

For heavy duty users, commercial grade DieHard and Odyssey car batteries will give you power where you need it most, providing several years of dependable starts in the most difficult climates and conditions. If for any reason your battery should not perform satisfactorily, Sears provides a wide schedule of replacement warranties and maintenance programs. For the short term, browse a variety of automotive battery chargers, jumper cables and other replacement auto parts.

Whether for your daily commute, a boat ride on a vacation, or simply mowing your lawn, Sears has the high quality batteries to get you moving. Each battery provides you with the power requirements and dependability you need to keep your car or equipment going again.