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Deck out your Front Bumper with Air Dams from Sears

There are a lots of aftermarket parts that use aerodynamic designs to help boost overall performance. One simple technique most car enthusiasts use is installing custom or universal spoilers to their vehicle. While rear spoilers seem to get most of the attention, air dams are a specialized front spoiler that gets a lot of work done too. A front air dam, which is found on most racing vehicles, gives a passenger vehicle a sportier look while improving overall performance. This aftermarket addition is the perfect feature to install on any sports car or high performance truck.

An air dam's aerodynamic design both increases acceleration and helps cool down your engine at higher speeds. This component is similar to hood or side scoops because regulating air intake increases the engine's output of power at higher speeds. If you have a high performance car, an air dam controls the handling dynamics related to the air intake toward the front of the vehicle. This can help improve down force or reduce the amount of drag.

The front of your vehicle is often the first part of your car that people see. Having an air dam installed below your front bumper is sure to turn heads and gives any car an sporty look similar to a race car. Sears has a large selection of air dams that fit around any sedan, truck or SUV. They are easy to install on your own and can be painted to match the exterior of your vehicle.

Once you find the right air dam, think about adding some other accessories. For instance, add on a rear spoiler for a sportier look and to reduce lift and drag on your car. In states where it's legal, also consider combining your front air dam with a roll pan in the rear. Roll pans, which are mostly used on pickup trucks or SUVs, are installed underneath rear bumpers to create a much smoother appearance in the back of a vehicle.

Whether it's to improve performance or strictly for aesthetic reasons, air dams are the perfect addition to any sports car. They give your vehicle an even look and help increase acceleration all in one swoop. Sears has a great collection of top-of-the-line car and truck air dams so you can install them on your own without sacrificing any quality.