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Find a new Car Hood for your Vehicle at Sears

A hood is an important piece on the body of your car. It protects your engine block and other vital parts that keep your vehicle going on a daily basis. Your car hood is also significant aesthetic component for the entire exterior. It's a perfect spot for exotic paint jobs and special graphics. However, you don't want to let damage become an eyesore. Sears carries a large selection of custom hoods and hood panels that come in all kinds of styles to fit any sedan, truck or SUV.

From storms to collisions, there are plenty of ways your hood can take a beating. Sears has a large selection of aftermarket car hoods and body kits to replace the existing one on any vehicle make or model. Although it's important to get a hood that looks similar to the one that came out of the factory, you should consider a lightweight model if you're looking increase acceleration and fuel economy. Most stock hood panels from the manufacturer are heavier, making lighter ones better suited for muscle cars and improving vehicle' performance.

Once you've got the right hood, make sure to get some extras to keep the paint job looking stellar. For instance, the edges of the hood can get worn over time but adding edge trimming can give the paint a little more reinforcement. Certain edging comes in different colors or in chrome, which creates a more elegant appearance to match your door edge guards. No matter which you choose, all you need is strong adhesive to install it on your hood.

Another way you can protect your car hood from further damage or dings is by installing a deflector. Deflectors are mounted over the front of your car above the grille. While they mainly serve to keep bugs off your vehicle's windshield or grille, deflectors also are durable enough to help prevent other harmful debris from damaging the hood.

Whether you're looking to improve your vehicle's performance or restoring an old ride, Sears has a large collection of durable car hoods. Find a hood panel that meets manufacturer specifications to match the rest of your car's body.