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Transform your Sports Car with Side Scoops from Sears

There are many ways you can restore an old muscle car or give a new one an old school appearance. Installing side scoops are always a sure fire way to show off any sports car. While they can definitely flaunt your vehicle, scoops can also help boost your engine's performance and are built with an aerodynamic design to increase acceleration. Sears has a wide variety that can be installed on any sports car or high performance pickup truck.

Side scoops are found on a car's exterior body panels, typically between the doors and wheel wells. Much like a hood scoop, functional scoops on the side of your car act as an air intake for the engine, which can increase output power at higher speeds. On some muscle cars, like Ferraris, they also help cool the middle or rear engine, which give your vehicle optimal performance.

If you're mostly interested in installing scoops for a retro look, then consider pairing them up with rear window louvers. This combination was very popular on muscle cars in the 1960s and 70s, especially Ford Mustangs. Similar to a window blind, louvers have horizontal slats angled to allow air intake and lighting, and they also reduce noise and rain from hitting the glass. Scoops and louvers are the perfect pairing to give any old sports car or brand new ride an vintage appeal.

When searching for the right side scoops, remember that you can either get customized ones that fit to manufacturer specifications or universal scoops that adjust to any vehicle. Sears offers unpainted ones, so you can coat them with whichever color of automotive paint matches your car's exterior. Installing aftermarket scoops is usually a simple project, so you can complete it quickly on your own without spending lots of money to have them installed at a body shop.

Whether you're restoring an old muscle car or want to add a classic style to your ride, side scoops are always a great addition to any sports car. These lightweight add-ons are built to prevent lagging and give you proper acceleration so your car's performance doesn't suffer. Sears has a large selection of scoops that are made of the most durable materials to handle grind of your daily commute.