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Keep your Front Grille Clean with Grille Accessories from Sears

Whether you're trying to sport an elegant or mean look, the front grille can give off a unique impression sure to turn heads whenever you drive by. However, if the front ever gets scrapped or damaged from debris, it can throw off the entire appearance of your car. Fortunately, Sears has a wide array of aftermarket grilles and grille accessories to keep the front of your car looking as pristine as possible. We carry all sorts of grille equipment ranging from covers to guards for all types of sedans, trucks and SUVs.

Most front grilles from the manufacturer don't always suite your taste. If you want to add an extra appeal to your ride, consider sporting a stylish aftermarket grille above your bumper. Sears has everything from LED to mesh-style grilles from reputable brands like T-REX. You'll find styles that fit on almost any vehicle, including sports cars and heavy-duty pickup trucks. We carry aftermarket grilles in black and shiny chrome finishes so your vehicle can sport any kind of special look.

If you have a large SUV or pickup truck, mounting a guard and push bars can give it a tough appearance. These kinds of grille accessories not only can improve the look of your vehicle, but they also can help protect the front of your car from damage. Most guards typically shield the front grille, headlights and bumper, but there are some small models that focus on the center of the vehicle. Meanwhile, push bars, also known as bullbars, are normally used to protect your car from potential off-road collisions.

Small stones and insects can ruin the front grille on any truck, van or SUV. Keep debris off your vehicle's radiator with covers, screens and other protective grille accessories from Sears. Our collection of grille covers and screens are made of a durable mesh screens so they can properly absorb impact from bugs and rubble. Most screens are installed with an adhesive application, which typically doesn't require lots of tools or manpower.

No matter what kind of car you drive, the grille should always be in top shape. Whether you're protecting the factory-installed grille or mounting a stylish aftermarket one, Sears has the grille accessories you need for the project. We carry replacement grilles and grille guards for all sorts of vehicles.