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Enter your Vehicle Easily with Universal Molded Side Steps

Larger SUVs and pickup trucks are great for hauling just about anything, but they can sometimes be difficult to get in and out of. If you own a taller vehicle, consider installing molded side steps near the doors to give you the proper lift to get inside. Sears has a wide variety of universally-fitted, molded side steps that are built to fit on any kind of car. You'll find steps made of durable materials to handle your everyday commute.

There are different kinds of side steps you can install on your car for easy access. While some vehicles are equipped with universal tubular side steps, they take up more space than molded ones. Molded side steps are typically smaller, and are installed in isolated spaces of the under body. Most of them are built of with durable materials like aluminum and stainless steel. Molded steps also have a special design meant to reduce slickness in wet conditions.

Steps can also come in handy if you need a small boost to get in and out of your pickup truck's flatbed. The purpose of these steps is so you can reach into the bed for any equipment. For instance, Sears carries Carr's line of universal molded step hitches, which can be attached to the back of any hitch so you can easily access your flatbed. These are simple to attach, and unlike other steps or universally-fitted running boards, they can fold up when not in use.

Molded side steps typically come in either a metallic or black finish. Models made of aluminum or steel match perfectly with any kind of chrome trim molding. Black finish, on the other hand, is sure to keep with the sleeker appearance on darker colored exteriors. Our collection of universal steps are sure to blend with the body styling on almost any truck or SUV.

You shouldn't have to struggle getting in and out of your vehicle. Universally molded side steps are a great addition if you need some extra support. Sears has a large selection of steps you can install on any kind of large pickup trucks or SUVs. You'll find models from top brands that are built with heavy duty materials to last for the long haul.