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Get a Boost into your Truck with Universal Nerf Bars

There are all kinds of aftermarket parts that can help you get in and out of any tall vehicle. However, unlike other models, tubular side steps are sturdy but aesthetically pleasing as well. Universal tubular side steps are built with a rounded design but still have a solid base for you to climb up and down on. Sears carries a wide variety of universally-fitted nerf bars that can be installed on any pickup truck, Jeep or SUV.

Universal tubular side steps come in a wide variety of sizes to fit anything from a larger pickup truck to a smaller Jeep. The longest nerf bars usually stretch from wheel well to wheel well just below the doors. Both custom and universal molded side steps are popular alternatives, but they often lack the special design you get with tubular models. Sears has tubular side steps from Westin that come in various lengths and styles that blend in seamlessly with the rest of your vehicle's exterior.

One the many benefits tubular side steps have to offer is that they give your vehicle a contemporary look. Most nerf bars come in a black color or chrome finish to match any design or trim on your pickup or SUV. Similar to universal or custom-fitted running boards, tubular steps provide a solid footing for you and your passengers. However, they create a much more rugged and modern appearance than running boards. Even though they are rounded, their bases typically have rubber grip pads to give you proper traction when entering your car.

Most tubular side steps are made from very durable materials like stainless steel and aluminum, which are built to last for the long haul. Both materials can help reduce the risk of corrosion from different elements, including dirt, snow or salt. Tubular side steps can also protect the exterior of your car. Since they are position by the under body, nerf bars help prevent damage to various body parts, including rocker panels, fender flares and side scoops.

Whether you install them on your work van or personal pickup truck, universal tubular side steps are a cool aftermarket add-on. You'll find nerf bars that give your ride a stylish appearance and the right footing to get in and out of your ride. Sears has the right kind of models to fit on any vehicle make and model.