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Get in and Out Easier with Running Boards, Steps and Ide Bars

Climbing in and out of a pickup truck or SUV can be very hard for shorter passengers and children. Running boards, steps and side bars are useful for helping you enter and exit these taller vehicles. They not only give you a boost into your car, but they also keep dirt or salt on your shoes from getting your interior dirty. Each can be a stylish addition on your vehicle, and come in sleek black and polished steel appearances to fit the rest of your pickup.

One of the most common ways to help people step into your truck or van is by attaching running boards to it. Boards are typically longer and can even span across the entire bottom of your doors from wheel well to wheel well. These models can act as a form of protection by keeping debris from your rocker panels. Sears carries different kinds of custom and universal running boards that are sure to match the exterior of your car, truck or van smoothly.

Side bars and steps are a great alternative if you'd like something a little simpler than running boards. Both universal and custom fit molded side steps include special tread patterns to prevent you from slipping when getting in or out of your vehicle. Sears has molded steps made of durable metals, so it can handle any weather condition and lasts a long time. They also come in different colors and appearances to match the body of any pickup, SUV or cargo van.

Bars or tubular side steps, on the other hand, give your vehicle a more contemporary look. While custom and universal tubular side steps are rounder and a bit smaller than running boards, they don't sacrifice anything in terms of stability. Most tubular steps come in a black or chrome finish so you can blend them with the trim or edging on your car. Custom models come in similar finishes but are tailored to fit on a specific year, make and model of vehicle.

Whether it's side steps or running boards, both provide you the help you need to get in and out of a taller truck or SUV. They also can match your car's unique appearance. Sears has a wide variety of high-quality running boards, steps and side bars to equip your vehicle.