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Prep your Truck with new Semi Truck Accessories from Sears

Most semi trucks are already equipped with essential accessories from the manufacturer, but you might require special aftermarket components and parts for your truck. Sears has all sorts of semi truck accessories for small semis and big tractor trailers. We carry everything from industrial horns to detailing kits so your truck can look stylish whenever the rubber meets the road. Just need equipment so you can haul cargo safely and efficiently? You'll find specialty tool boxes, ramps and mats to help you out.

Semi trucks have large tires that attract a lot of wet mud and grime. If not properly shielded, your tires, fenders and other sections of your trailer can get dirty. Consider installing mud flaps or splash guards onto your truck. Sears carries mud flaps from top brands like Husky Liners, Dee Zee and Weather Tech that are made of durable materials to withstand almost any type of conditions. Select from various designs and constructions like chrome and molded stainless steel that are sure to suit your style.

Getting cargo on and off your trailer can be tricky, especially if you're transporting bulky items that weigh over 100 pounds. A truck ramp is a vital semi truck accessory that can make loading and unloading your trailer easy. Choose from wide bi- or tri-fold ramps to move large appliances so you don't overstrain your muscles. If you're transporting motorcycles, ATVs and other recreational vehicles, sturdy dual runners provide two arched rails that support the weight from wheels whenever you ride them on and off the trailer.

The inside of a semi truck's trailer is normally spacious enough to transport wide and tall cargo that other vehicles can't handle. Unfortunately, a truck's trailer floor can get scratched up over time from cargo that shifts around during your commute. Sears has truck liners, mats and other useful semi truck equipment to protect the trailer floor of your truck. These special liners are made of thick rubber materials that can withstand the weight and sliding from your cargo.

Your semi truck is a valuable asset, so why not give it the useful aftermarket components it deserves? Whether you're looking to efficiently load your truck or protect it from potential damage, Sears has you covered with all types of semi truck accessories.