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Improve your Truck with a new Tailgate from Sears

If you use your pickup truck to regularly transport lots of large appliances and tools, then you understand the importance of having a tailgate on the flatbed. Most trucks come out of the factory with one already installed, but it should be replaced if it's lost or severely damaged. Sears carries replacement truck tailgates and protection accessories so you can get back to hauling items as soon as possible. You'll find accessories and tailgates from high-quality brands like Dee Zee, Husky Liners and Lund that fit on almost any small or heavy duty pickup truck.

While it's important to have a pickup truck with durable mud flaps, liners and mats, nothing is more crucial to your pickup than a sturdy rear gate. Sears has a wide variety of replacement tailgates for almost any truck make and model. If you have a heavy duty truck that requires a fifth wheel hitch, choose from our selection of fifth wheel tailgates, which are built with style and strength in mind. For instance, the Dee Zee fifth wheel tailgate comes in various colors and features sharp louvers.

Not all pickups are heavy duty. In fact, most trucks on the market are light and aren't used for everyday hauling. No matter how big or small, Sears has the appropriate tailgate for your pickup truck. You'll find replacement gates that can accommodate anything from large furniture to a truck tent for your next camping trip. We carry tailgates built with durable materials like aluminum to stand the test of time.

Whether you still have the factory tailgate or recently installed a new one, either is susceptible to damage from items on the flatbed. Shield your tailgate from scratches and dents with protective tailgate caps and seals. Seals help keep dust and moisture from seeping into your flatbed, preventing damage to your cargo and truck's tailgate. Most covers and edge trim are normally installed with adhesive so you won't need lots of tools or manpower to get the job done.

Your pickup truck is as versatile as any other vehicle, and it's crucial that your flatbed and the cargo on it stays protected. Sears has the truck tailgates and pickup bed accessories to get the job done during your commute. Choose from our wide selection of tailgates, sealant and covers to help keep your cargo secure.