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Keep your Truck Looking Great with Truck Caps

When you're looking to expand your truck's cargo carrying capabilities, a truck cap always makes a great final touch. Repeated loading and unloading will inevitably cause scratches and dents to form on your truck's bed rails and tailgate lining. With a truck cap you can avoid those unsightly blemishes and keep your truck looking like new for longer. Adding a bed rail cap to your vehicle is easy. Just use the adhesive tape for secure, residue-free installation to all four sides of your truck bed. It's even compatible with a number of other common accessories, including tonneau covers and tailgate tents.

Sears carries a wide selection of bed rail and truck caps for small, mid-size and full-size trucks. A heavy duty truck cap covers the top and sides of your bed rail for extended protection. The attractive vinyl design complements your truck's exterior stylings, while the textured surface offers a convenient grip point when climbing in and out of your truck bed. Choose an aluminum bed rail cap for added durability and easy cleaning. The powder coated surface resists rust and oxidation, so it's guaranteed to last as long as your vehicle.

With tailgate extenders, loading ramps and truck boxes, it's easy to upgrade and maintain your pickup's tailgate. Protect it from the daily demands of your busy lifestyle with a truck cap from Sears.