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Fuel Transfer Tanks Help you Top Off your Heavy Equipment on the Go

When you have gas or diesel-powered tools or generators on the jobsite, having fuel ready is a must. Instead of lugging your gear back and forth to keep it fueled up, take the fuel to it. The selection of fuel transfer tanks from Sears can transport diesel and other liquid fuel to and from your work site, making your work easier and faster.

Both fuel and diesel transfer tanks are ideal for the back of a pickup truck or other work vehicle. Try an L-shaped tank designed to fit easily with a crossbed truck tool box. Once the small tank is settled in, you'll have a stable means to transport that fuel wherever you need it. Work on the very edges of rural property without fear of your gear running out of juice, or make a construction job in the middle of a remote location simple to handle

Hard work can get frustrating when you don't have the supplies you need, so it's essential to get everything ready before you head out. Instead of lugging around small gas cans, consider keeping a fuel transfer tank on your flatbed. With Sears' selection of fuel transfer boxes, you can ensure the equipment will stay powered up for as long as the job takes.