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Shield your Pickup Bed with a Hard Tonneau Cover

Most pickup trucks come from the factory with an exposed flatbed. If you use your pickup frequently to carry tools and short items, it's important they stay protected during any long or short commute. While there are many types of tonneau covers, hard truck bed covers can effectively protect your gear. Sears has a large selection of hard tonneau covers to prevent anything in your flatbed from scrapes or dents. We carry high-quality hard bed covers from top brands like Undercover built to last for the long haul.

A major benefit of hard truck bed covers is that they effectively hide all your equipment from unwanted visitors. Some models come with locks to prevent theft when you're away from your pickup. Unlike soft tonneau covers that might rip, hard covers are typically better at absorbing contact from different types of dirt and debris that come from the road. They also help keep rain, snow or moisture out of your flatbed better than soft covers and tarps.

Hard tonneau covers not only help prevent your truck cargo box and tools from dings and scratches, but they also give your pickup a factory-finished look. Sears has all kinds of hard truck covers in black finish, which blend in nicely with most side rail and tailgate caps.

Whether you regularly haul tools to the construction site or sporadically carry equipment home, your accessories should be shielded at all times. Sears has a wide selection of durable hard truck bed covers to keep everything in your flatbed safe.