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Keep your Vehicle's Interior and Exterior Protected with a Universal Car Cover

Whether protecting your car from dust or a downpour, a universal car cover can shield any vehicle from the elements and debris. These large coverings wrap around the body of the car to protect the exterior from dirt and damage. The generous size and flexible, elastic perimeter ensure a snug fit for nearly any make or model. While spacious enough to cloak everything from cars to motorcycles to station wagons, these covers are small enough to fold into a small storage bag kept on garage shelving when not in use.

Universal car covers from Sears are suitable for any vehicle. Try a lightweight cover for basic protection. Pull the cover around the body of the vehicle and the elastic will keep every corner in place. The thin material protects the car from UV-damage and precipitation. Covers are also handy for long-term vehicle storage. Wrap your prized vintage vehicle under a lightweight cover before storing it for the winter to keep dust at bay. If you store your vehicle outdoors, pair your universal car cover with an outdoor car shelter for additional protection.

Thicker covers are made of heavy-duty material for extra protection. Many designs are impenetrable to rain and snow and feature reinforced seams to seal out moisture, and breathable designs can even prevent condensation from developing underneath the cover. Protect your vehicle, no matter the forecast, with universal car covers from Sears.