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Block Out Outside Noise with Auto Insulation

There are a variety of auto insulation options that will help you get that quiet and cool ride you've been trying to achieve. If you have a custom speaker setup, you'll want to place insulation pads around it. It will reduce some of the rattle that can distort your music quality as you drive.

Starting a vehicle restoration project is the perfect time to install a bulk sound damping kit. A large insulation kit will contain enough auto insulation material to cover all your problem areas. You can cut and form the insulation to fit on and around the spots that are causing issues. These kits are perfect for covering truck beds that rattle around while driving. Layer insulation over the floor of your vehicle to help reduce noise from your undercarriage.

For small areas, foam insulation tape that fit wherever you need it. Insulation tape is great for wrapping up wiring for your audio system to keep them organized and stop them from rattling around your speaker's housing. This tape is also great for securing a loose trim panel to keep it from vibrating. Sears has a wide variety of auto insulation products to help protect your vehicle.