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Stay Organized with Auto Organizers and Car Consoles

Keeping your vehicle clean and organized can be difficult. With a car console and auto organizers, you'll have help in reducing clutter. A center console is sure to help you in the fight against lost items. It will typically have a couple of cup holders, coin slots and large open compartment for big items. A clean console will keep you from digging around for change when going through your morning tolls.

Staying focused on the road is paramount to safe driving. With a phone mount, you'll be able to keep your eyes on the road. As many states require hands-free devices, device mounts make it easier to dial a number when calling on a headset or check your GPS app. It's important when mounting these to your dash cover to be sure that they don't obstruct your view of the road.

One of the often most overlooked spaces for storage is the room under the seats. Sears has underseat storage units to suit your vehicle. They'll fit under the seats of most pickups and can hold anything from work gear to sports equipment. These cases are perfect for the gear that can't be tossed into the bed of your truck. Shop Sears to find all of the auto organizers you need to keep your vehicle clean and clear of clutter.