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Fight UV Rays with a Dash Mat

As pleasant as a sunny drive can be, that sunshine can also do a number on your vehicle's interior. A dash mat from Sears will aid in the reduction of sun damage to your car's dashboard. Along with fighting discoloration, a quality interior cover can reduce some glare. Which can make driving under sunny skies a little less straining on your eyes.

Modern dash mats are the perfect mix of form and function. The multitude of colors, designs and materials allow you to customize your interior the way you like. A suede model is perfect for keeping that luxury look. For a minivan or SUV that is going to be full of kids, a carpet mat can easily be cleaned after meals eaten after soccer practice. Match your carpeting color so it creates one cohesive aesthetic.

Another area in your vehicle that can benefit from sun protection is the rear deck. The rear deck may not create an annoying glare, but it can soak in a lot of heat. You can also find a solution to this problem at Sears. An interior cover can help reduce some of the heat that can build up inside of your car. In many sedans, the rear deck will also house speakers. Reducing the amount of heat being held in the rear of your automobile could help protect these sensitive electrical components. Grab a dash mat and interior cover to help keep your interior looking like new.