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Add Style to your Ride with a new Car Door Handle

As you get in and out of the car over the course of many daily commutes and drives around town, your car door handle might start to wear out or stick. Fortunately, there are a variety of replacement car door handles for almost any type of vehicle. If you have a custom body kit, grab a new handle that matches so your doors have a cohesive and stylish look.

When your power windows stop working, you might need to replace your window regulator. This is the unit that moves the glass up and down. At Sears, you can find a wide variety of window regulator parts for almost any make and model of automobile. With the right replacement parts for your power windows installed, you can enjoy the fresh air again with the push of a button while you drive.

For your other vehicle maintenance projects, there are a host of parts to help you solve common auto issues. If your car door hinge is starting to wear down, pick up a replacement in addition to a new handle. We also have hood latches that will typically ensure that your car's hood stays locked in place. Use these in tandem with your grille guard and you can help keep the front of your car protected. Find these parts at Sears and more to keep your vehicle running in top condition.