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Enjoy a Comfy Ride with Car Seat Cushions from Sears

You don't like feeling uncomfortable behind the wheel, especially if you're sitting for hours in traffic. If you require additional support, don't hesitate to add a car seat cushion for your drive. Sears has a wide selection of cushions made with firm padding, gel and foam options that comfortably conform to your body. Choose from universal models to fit almost any seat in your car, truck or SUV.

Many drivers and passengers have their own definition of comfort, which is why you'll find different types of car seat cushions. Select models in either soft or firm constructions that fit most bucket and bench seats. If you require something that conforms to your body, consider using memory foam or gel cushions during those long commutes. Not having a car with built-in seat warmers can be unbearable in the winter. Luckily, you can stay warm with heated seat cushions when the temperature is just too chilly to handle.

Most vehicles come from the factory with a standard look that might not suit your style. Fortunately, universal seat covers and cushions are available in many different patterns and flashy colors to customize any interior. If you simply want something that matches your upholstery, choose auto seat cushions in neutral tones like tan, gray and black to blend in with the seats. Whether it's for style or comfort, Sears has an abundant assortment of seat cushions for any car.