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Upgrade your Interior with Bucket Seats from Sears

Auto manufacturers prefer using bucket seats because they're typically constructed to handle sharp turns better than bench seats. These types of seats can also be more comfortable because they adapt to your body over time. Whether it's cloth or leather, a vehicle's interior can develop scratches and wear out over time. Sears has aftermarket bucket seats to install in your ride's front and back seats. Select models to refurbish anything from a small coupe to large SUVs.

It's important to find new automotive carpeting and bucket seats that fit your vehicle when the upholstery rips or fades. Choose from a collection of universal and vehicle-specific bucket seats so your car, truck or SUV is completely refurbished. You'll find models with either adjustable or built-in headrests so you and your passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride.

Some vehicles come off the assembly line with bland interiors. If you desire flashier colors and designs for your interior, consider aftermarket bucket seats to it do justice. Revamp your speedster with specially embroidered sports seats in the front and back. For that sleek luxury car, consider classic beige or black bucket seats to add an extra touch of elegance.

From an old pickup truck to a new sports car, any type of vehicle's seats can experience damage or natural wear. Restore your car's interior with new bucket seats from Sears.