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Adjust your Ride with Vehicle Seat Parts from Sears

When your car comes from the factory, it typically has standard features and accessories. Even the seats are installed at basic manufacturer settings. Whether it's cushions or seat belt extenders, Sears carries all types of vehicle seat parts to adjust the front and back seats in your vehicle. Find everything from key installation components to accessories that enhance the comfort of your ride.

Seat belts are an essential part of your commute. In fact, most places require passengers to wear a seat belt at all times. Unfortunately, some belts installed by the manufacturer can be a bit snug. Create some much-needed breathing room with aftermarket seat belt extenders. This vehicle seat part is available in buckle and bolt-in models, which helps add length to the shoulder and lap straps. Choose seat belt extenders to keep you securely fastened in anything from sport and racing seats to bench and bucket seats.

It's important that your seats are always comfy, especially if you're driving on a long-distance trip. If you require more support than the standard seats provide, consider different types of custom seat covers and cushions to give you maximum comfort. Select anything from gel to heated pads that provide additional support to your vehicle's seat cushions and backrests

The manufacturer-installed seatbelts and seats don't always suit your needs. Fortunately, Sears carries high-quality vehicle seat parts and seat belt extenders to make your ride comfy.