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Rest your Elbow on a new Arm Rest from Sears

While there are many useful parts in your car's interior, the center arm rest is perhaps one of the most underrated components in the front seat. You always lay your elbow or forearm down, which can transform a tense ride into a comfortable trip. When the cushion begins to fade or tear, replace it with an aftermarket arm rest from Sears. Shop from a wide selection of center console cushions made for most cars, trucks or SUVs.

It's important that any replacement arm rest blends in nicely with the rest of your interior. There are many center console cushions available in various colors to fit your taste. Choose from center rests in sleek colors like black and navy blue or neutral tones like gray and beige. Each model is made from durable materials like leather, vinyl or sturdy cloth, which can typically handle spills, dirt or the weight from your arm.

Comfort is a crucial factor when choosing a new arm rest so make sure you select a model that suits you best. Find center console cushions with memory foam that conforms softly to your arm. If you want something firm, choose center rests made with padding and vinyl covering. No matter what you choose, Sears has the replacement arm rests and dashboard materials to boost your vehicle's interior.