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Keep your Interior Cool with a Car Windshield Cover from Sears

A collapsible car windshield cover takes up very little space in a vehicle and can help bounce hot sunlight away from your car's cabin. Sears has car sun shades in different sizes, ensuring that the right cover will stretch from pillar to pillar in your car and keeps out as much sun and heat as possible. A reflective model can keep out the heat, but it also reduces the amount of direct sunlight that hits your dash and steering wheel. This protective shield can help prevent fading, warping and cracking over time.

In addition to front windshield covers that keep quite a bit of sunlight from entering your car's cabin, families should consider installing a set of rear car sun shades for the kids. Rear passengers don't have access to sun visors like the driver and passenger do. However, you can hang one of these retractable shades in one or both rear windows to keep the sun out of the back seat. Just pull the shield down and fix the end to a hook or suction cup it to the window to give the kids a cool and comfortable ride.

Whether you drive a small sedan or heavy-duty pickup truck, a hot interior is tough to handle. Keep your car comfortable with a windshield cover from Sears.