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Interior Accessories




Prevent damage caused by regular use with interior car accessories 

Typical vehicle maintenance may start under the hood, but it should extend to every inch of your automobile. After you've installed any important exterior accessories your car requires, it's time to clean up your cabin. Organize, protect and maintain the inside of your vehicle with the right interior car accessories from Sears.

Easily reduce unsightly wear and tear on your vehicle's upholstery with a few interior car parts. Install liners and covers over the most commonly used areas to protect your interior. Seat covers help prevent permanent stains and tears from developing. Floor mats guard carpeting from corrosive materials that you may unintentionally track in on the bottom of your shoes. While the floors, seats and dash are important to cover, rear cargo mats are also important because you’re trunk can get worn out from carrying cargo.

Direct sunlight can fade even the most durable plastics in your car's interior. A dash or windshield cover will block harmful rays from entering your vehicle while parked. If your car's sun damage is beyond preventative maintenance, new trim and dash panels will take years off of your car's appearance. If you want to avoid your steering wheel clean and protected during daily use, consider adding a durable or stylish cover over your wheel.

Dash consoles can keep loose necessities like coins, tissues and travel mugs neatly assembled in durable storage containers. Your cabin will look organized, creating a more relaxing interior. Add a few interior car accessories from Sears to ensure that your vehicle looks great, both inside and out.