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Electronic Control Module is the Brain of your Vehicle

Vehicle engines perform multiple functions that are monitored and controlled by the electronic engine control module. In fact, the first in-car electronic parts were designed for engines. The Engine Control Unit (ECU), as it was known, tracks the performance of various engine devices and mechanisms, and determines if certain functions, such as fuel injection or the firing of spark plugs, need to be adjusted in order to improve engine performance or fuel efficiency. Sensors are placed in specific locations in or around the engine and the sensors send data to the engine control module (ECM), which analyzes the data and directs engine components to alter the rate or speed at which they perform.

As the auto industry set out to design better ways to operate vehicles more efficiently, more and more electrical modules were added to cars. Small computers took over the management of common automotive functions, including the transmission, climate control, speed control, passenger safety and even the audio system. Today's latest cars are equipped with dozens of control modules that help improve fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and the overall driving experience. The engine control module, however, remains a car's most critical and powerful control unit responsible for operation.

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