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Valve Covers Protect the Valvetrain Assembly in your Car

Valve covers, also known as rocker covers, keep oil inside the valvetrain assembly and dirt out. In the age of the modern automobile, valve covers have become commonplace. Rare is the engine that has no covering over its valvetrain. However, this was not always the case. In the early days of the internal combustion engine, the rocker arms, which were exposed to the elements, needed constant re-oiling since the oil was either lost or often became contaminated with dirt. With the invention of valve covers, the oil was kept within the assembly and dirt was kept out, reducing the frequency at which new oil was needed.

As a leader in automotive parts, you can find everything you need for your repair or replacement at Sears. You can find valve covers from ProForm, Racing Power, Edelbrock and Ford Racing, as well as gaskets from Fel-Pro, Mr. Gasket and Magnum. If you need to replace some engine valves while you're under the hood, you can find those here too. No matter the vehicle or job, you can trust that you'll find exactly what you need at Sears.

Valve covers are one of the more robust parts of a vehicle's engine. Unless you get into an accident or have a very old vehicle, the chances of needing to replace your valve covers are slim. However, valve gaskets, which rest between the valve covers and the engine block, often become worn and start to leak. When this happens, you will need to replace the gaskets. Replacing the gaskets requires taking off the valve covers, which provides a good opportunity to check the covers for any wear or potential cracks as well as looking over the rocker arms and engine lifters to check for any issues.

If you're buying new valve covers, chances are you're doing an overhaul of your vehicle's engine. Are you looking for an internal camshaft, intake manifold or carburetor as well? No problem. In the automotive department at Sears, we've got all that and more. Depending on availability, you can even pick up some of the items at your local store.