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Get Valvetrain Parts from Sears to Improve Performance

The valvetrain is a very complex and involved system within a vehicle's engine. It has a lot of moving parts, which can often have a big impact on your car's performance if not checked regularly and kept maintained. Because the valvetrain is responsible for controlling the flow of fuel and air into the combustion chamber, even a small defect or irregularity in part of it can have serious consequences for your car's performance and the engine itself. If you don't keep your valvetrain maintained, you could risk catastrophic engine failure. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Over the years, valvetrains have evolved. The biggest change seen was a move from the traditional overhead valve (OHV) engines, where the camshaft controls the internal valves indirectly through push rods and engine rocker arms from above the crankshaft, to the overhead cam (OHC) engine, in which the camshaft is located over the valves and is directly connected to the valves via the engine lifters. Though the OHC engine is more complex than the OHV engine, it reduces weight and has fewer moving parts. If you drive an import car or any type of performance car, chances are you have an OHC engine. Older vehicles and many American-made vehicles still use the OHV engine design.

Because of the complexities of a valvetrain, any maintenance and repair that needs to be done is often best left to dealerships and professional mechanics. One option for car owners who may want to save a buck or two is to buy parts online, and then take them to a garage to have them installed. While you won't be able to cut down on the cost of labor, buying valvetrain parts from Sears allows you to choose your own parts and know exactly what you're getting while saving a couple dollars in the process. If you happen to have the knowledge and experience to repair your own valvetrain, Sears has all the tools and supplies necessary for every automotive repair.

At Sears, you'll find genuine original equipment supplier products in addition to top brands of valvetrain parts like ACDelco and Standard Motor Products. Whether you need simple things like hoses, gaskets and couplings, or larger parts like camshafts, cylinder heads and valve covers, you can find it all and more in the Sears automotive department.