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Quality Small Engine Parts Add Up to Big Savings

Whether you are a weekend mechanic or just want to do basic upkeep for your car, Sears is the leading provider of parts and tools for automotive repair and maintenance. If you need internal engine parts, we have you covered with a wide array of valves, gaskets, mounts and more.

The heart of your car is the engine. Even though how well your car was originally built and how you have driven it are huge factors in the life of an engine, the real key to the longevity of your car is still maintenance. External engine parts were not designed to last forever, so it is important to monitor and maintain the performance of your hoses, filters, alternator and starter. Sears carries a full line of engine parts to match your individual needs.

Sears carries the cylinder heads, external timing chains, camshafts and carburetors you need to keep your engine in peak condition. We also offer a full line of automotive programmers and diagnostic tools to tweak your engine's performance and to give you the hauling power you've always wanted.

We also carry the more basic periodic maintenance items you need like air filters, hoses and belts, and they are available for in-store pick-up at your local Sears retail store. Sears brings you the right part for your car from the most trusted brands to give new life to your engine and the peace of mind you deserve.

When you've put so much of your precious time into tweaking your engine, you want it to look amazing when you pop open the hood, as well. Sears carries all the chrome and dress up kits you need to make your engine look as beautiful as it runs.

From bumper to bumper and no matter how big the job is, Sears is your partner to make your engine something to be proud of and dependable in any conditions. Because no matter how much time and money that you've put into your car stereo and GPS navigation system, you aren't going to be the envy of your neighborhood if you can't pull out of your own driveway.