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Performance Auto Parts

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Whether you're looking to increase your vehicle's top speed or improve its handling around tight corners, performance auto parts make it possible to get the most out of any car, truck or SUV. From brakes and suspension upgrades to fuel system and transmission enhancements, Sears has a full line of parts for many popular makes and models. Exterior accessories like car spoilers and wings are great for reducing drag and improving road grip, but only performance car parts let you truly go under the hood to maintain and upgrade your vehicle like a professional.

From the engine to the brakes to the electrical system, performance auto parts can greatly improve the efficiency and performance of your entire car. If you’re looking for a great starter upgrade for a small coupe or sedan, a performance exhaust or suspension system can be installed in just an afternoon with minimal tools. Like custom wheel rims, performance car parts can serve as bold conversation pieces that can really make a statement with your fellow car enthusiasts.

Once you’ve improved your ride’s performance, it’s time to protect yourself with auto safety equipment like helmets, racing seat belts and flame-retardant base layers. Take your car to a new level with versatile and easy-to-install performance auto parts from Sears.