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Keep your Car Cool with with A/C Compressors

During the peak of summer, a broken car air conditioner can turn your vehicle into a sweat lodge on wheels. Get cool air up and running again with a replacement A/C compressor. This part compresses the refrigerant and sends it along to the air condenser which turns it into a refreshing stream of cold air.

The clutch is one of the key components in your air conditioning system. An A/C clutch is where the belt is attached and engages as soon as the air conditioner is turned on. Friction and heat produced as this part spins can cause it to wear quickly. Checking on the clutch is an easy task. Open the hood, and turn on both your car and the A/C. If the clutch is not engaging, you've found the problem. If your problem isn't the clutch there are plenty of other specialty air conditioning parts available at Sears.

Pick up all the right A/C compressor parts to fill your car with ice cold air. Sears has replacement AC clutches from top brands for most makes and models. With these parts in hand, you'll be driving to work in a climate controlled environment all summer long.