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Keep your Radiator Running with Silicone Radiator Hoses

The coolant and radiator can only do their jobs if the hoses that connect everything are intact. The radiator hoses are specially built to shuttle extremely hot coolant to the radiator and the heater core. After years of use, the factory radiator hose may have melted, corroded or perforated. Grab new radiator hoses to keep your cooling and heating systems running their best.

When detailing your vehicle, one place where style is often overlooked is under the hood. A set of quality silicone radiator hoses can change that. Sears carries a variety of multi-colored coolant hoses to add a splash of color to your engine compartment. Silicone hoses are typically less likely to melt and bind to the radiator and other components. This will make future repairs a far easier endeavor.

With the differences in vehicle builds, you'll need a set of hoses that can thread through the inner works of the engine compartment. Sears carries radiator hoses that will fit your vehicle like the factory made hoses. Instead of struggling with generic hoses, find make and model specific hoses to obtain the best fit and keep your engine cool.