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Keep your Vehicle Running Smoothly with Car Belts

Belts, cooling and heating components are critical to your vehicle's performance. These parts help keep the engine temperature stable and the cabin air comfortable. The water pump is important to your engine as it circulates coolant around the engine to keep it from overheating. Without it in working order, you're going to have a tough time getting from point A to point B.

Another small, but important, piece in your vehicle is the car thermostat. It measures the temperature of your engine, and when the engine block reaches a set temperature, the thermostat opens a small valve to let coolant flow. The effectiveness of your car thermostat determines oil consumption, fuel economy and even emissions. Pick up a replacement vehicle thermostat at Sears so you have one on hand in the event your current unit malfunctions.

There are a host of parts that you'll want to keep on hand so you can easily take care of repairs when car trouble occurs. Store all your replacement auto parts in a tool chest from Sears. Be proactive by stocking your garage with parts you need, so you're ready to go even when you find a part has worn out. Grab these parts and more to keep your car running.