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Keep Control of your Vehicle with Brake Parts from Sears

Of all the features and functions in today's automobiles, the brakes remain one of the most critical for passenger safety. You depend on the braking system for a sense of security and control when driving on anything from dirt roads to paved highways. When brakes have been used and worn over time, they must be repaired or replaced. Maintaining your car's brake system is of the utmost importance, and Sears has the components to keep your brakes in working condition and your travels safe.

There are many auto parts needed to operate your car's brakes, from the brake pedal at your foot all the way to the brake rotor at the wheel. Brake pads are always a key component you need to run a smooth brake system. All types of pads have their pros and cons. For instance, one of the benefits of semi-metallic brake pads is they handle high heat transfer better than other models. On the other hand, ceramic pads create less dust than metallic models. No matter which type you choose, they are built from durable materials to help bring you to a safe stop.

If you're taking the time to update your brakes, reward yourself by fitting your vehicle with a set of custom wheels. Nothing shows off an owner's pride and turns heads more than a new set of rims. Whether you're looking to give a restored muscle car that extra bit of finesse, or you have a newer car but want a tradition look, chrome wheels will get the job done. Our stock of high-quality rims are clear-coated, offering your investment added protection against grit, grime and the worst the elements can throw your car's way.

From performance brake pads to small valves, you need miscellaneous brake parts that are built to last. Sears carries all types of brake components and tools to help keep your brake system operating efficiently.