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Pick up a new steering box to make driving smooth and fun again

As you drive, you create friction in the steering box of your car. The constant turning of the worm gear and other gears within the steering box can cause these small pieces to wear down, reducing steering precision. The worm gear is the key part of your steering box that moves the drop arm up and down and in turn pushes the wheels left or right. Due to the number of moving parts, these components have a tendency to wear over time. Sears has gear box assemblies for most cars, trucks and SUVs. Find the one you need to tackle the road head-on.

There are a number of other parts of your vehicle's steering assembly that also may need maintenance and attention. Shaped much like the shock boot, the bellows boot keeps the exposed gears covered and protected from dirt and debris. Keeping these pieces clean will let the gears rotate smoothly, and let the wheels turn freely.

One of the advantages to steering gear boxes is that they allow for adjustment. The nut on the front of the box can be tightened slightly to reduce play in your steering system. You'll want to be careful and consult a mechanic when considering doing this, so you avoid overtightening and creating any potential issues in your steering. Stop by Sears to get a new steering box, control arms and other parts to keep your vehicle driving at its best.