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Add some Style to your Car with a new Grille from Sears

It's important that the front of your vehicle always looks sharp. Adding a new set of headlights and stylish bumper can certainly help spruce up the front of your car, but nothing adds a spark like a new grille. Sears carries a premium selection of car and truck grilles in a wide variety of colors and designs that suit almost any style. You'll find models from top brands like T-REX that are made to last throughout the long haul.

An auto body shop might charge an arm and a leg to install an aftermarket grille on your car. You can significantly cut down on the cost by mounting a new one on your own. Sears has an abundant assortment of grilles and tools so you can easily install a new model between your vehicle's headlights. Most don't require lots of major tools and components so you can install them without using up a lot of time and manpower.

Your car should give off a unique look, and a replacement grille can certainly showcase that. You'll find high-quality models built for almost any type of vehicle, ranging from luxury sedans to heavy duty trucks. Choose from our selection of mesh-screen grilles to give your hot muscle car a tough look. Does your pickup have lots of chrome? Find a grille made from carbon steel so it can sparkle with the rest your truck. Consider a specialized truck grille with LED lights if you frequently take your ride off-road or in dark areas.

Whichever style grille you choose, you should try protecting it from any errant dirt or debris you encounter on the road. Guards and bullbars are great solutions for trucks and SUVs that commute in wooded areas or off-road. Bugs and slush can muck up the front of your car during any long or short trip. Consider a installing a grille screen or cover so you can keep help keep the front of your vehicle clean whenever it's on the driveway or cruising down the highway.

Whether you're looking for a stylish sedan grille or tough-looking truck grille, Sears has a vast selection of front grilles for almost any SUV, sedan or heavy duty pickup. You'll different all kinds of different models and accessories to enhance the look of your vehicle.