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Change your Tire with RV Jacks from Sears

Anytime you plan to take a long road trip in the RV, you need to invest in RV jacks and tire carriers before you go. Sears carries a range of RV and camping accessories to make your life easier on the road and at the campsite. We have Camco telescoping jacks that support up to 6,000 pounds, and you can find Stromberg tongue jacks for your trailer, which support a 2,500-pound cargo load. From RV jacks to adjustable stabilizers, find the accessories you need for your RV at Sears.

Reach the top shelf or the top bunk even easier in the RV with Stromberg RV ladders. We have RV ladders with durable steel frames and rungs that support up to 300 pounds. Use the Stromberg exterior RV ladder to climb onto the roof to mount a cargo caddy, or install the ladder-chair rack on the back of the RV to haul your Northwest Territory lounge chairs to the campsite. We also have the Stromberg ladder-bike racks, which feature adjustable extension bars for hauling your bicycles with you on the camping trip.

We want to make things easier on you when you travel in an RV, so we have specialty RV accessories like the Extend-A-Shower and the JP Products refrigerator latch. Stock up with Camco RV toilet tissue for the trip, and invest in a Stromberg Cargo Caddy for hauling additional camping equipment and supplies on the RV. We have dish drainers for your sink and screen door grills to protect your screen from damage. Whether you need a portable sewer tank or a trailer hitch, we have specialty accessories to maximize your RV trip.

Carry along a tire jack in case you have a blowout on the RV, and invest in RV ladders that help you climb to the rooftop or the top bunk. Pack extra toilet tissue and other bathroom accessories for the trip, and take along a few outdoor magazines to help pass the time on the highway. Visit Sears for more camping supplies and RV accessories for your outdoor adventure.