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Prepare for the Road with Specialty RV Accessories

When you plan to go on a long road trip, get everything you need with specialty RV accessories from Sears. We have a full collection of accessories for both the interior and exterior of your RV. Protect your screen door from damage with a Camco RV screen door grill, and load extra equipment on the RV with a Stromberg RV cargo caddy. You can get more elbow room in the shower with a Stromberg RV Extend-A-Shower, and a portable waste tank comes in handy for emptying the contents away from the RV.

Other useful accessories include RV hand rails from Brainerd and Stromberg. Provide a handle to hold onto when you walk up the steps and into the RV with a Stromberg Lend-A-Hand RV railing. It attaches easily beside the RV door, and it detaches in just a few seconds when you don't need it. We also carry hand rail brackets from National MFG for attaching your hand rails to the RV. Select from pewter, brass and silver hand rail brackets to complement your RV's hardware.

Tires wear down quickly on long road trips, so invest in RV jacks to change your tire and get back on the road in no time. RV jacks fit conveniently in an RV compartment, and some Stromberg jacks support more than 2,500 pounds. A Camco Olympian RV telescoping jack adjusts from 16 to 30 inches in height, and its durable steel construction supports a 6,000-pound load capacity. In addition to RV jacks, we have trailer levels to prevent wear-and-tear on either side of your RV. A Camco adjustable stabilizer provides even more stability when carrying a heavy load on your tires.

Consider bringing along an RV tire carrier from Stromberg. In case of a blowout, you want to carry a spare tire with you on the road trip. With a Stromberg RV tire carrier, you can position the tire anywhere you want on the RV, and its built-in stopper prevents the tire from falling if the carrier tilts forward. We have folding and rigid tire carriers depending on your needs, and both models mount easily to the RV with just a few tools. Use a Stromberg universal tire carrier to haul an extra trailer tire or an RV tire in case of an emergency.

Mount hand rails to your RV to help your passengers up the steps. Carry an RV jack with you to change a blown tire, and attach a tire carrier to your vehicle to haul an extra tire for your trailer or RV. Browse through our online inventory of name brand RV parts and accessories for your road trip.