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Get back on the road faster with Sears automotive services

When your vehicle reaches a maintenance milestone, rely on automotive services from Sears for quality vehicle care and greater peace of mind. Do you notice a little wobble after hitting a deep pothole? Let an expert diagnose and perform a chassis alignment for a smooth driving experience and reduced wear on your vehicle's tires. Don’t bother with the mess and fuss of an at-home oil change. Enjoy standard and full-synthetic oil changes while you shop.

If your vehicle squeaks, grinds or makes noises while stopping, check into a Sears auto center for a brake evaluation. We’ll check all four wheels and closely examine all brake components to provide a thorough diagnosis. From air conditioning system recharges to power steering and transmission fluid exchanges, our team can also perform a number of specialty maintenance services.  No matter what automotive service you choose, our technicians will document the results with a quality service evaluation and share the findings with you. Take the guesswork out of vehicle maintenance with automotive services. 

From jumper cables to tire pressure gauges to oil filters, you'll find a full line of vehicle maintenance accessories for extra peace of mind when you’re on the road. Your vehicle is in good hands with automotive services.