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Fight the Snow and Ice with new Tire Chains

Even the most seasoned driver can have trouble in snowy or icy conditions, and while nothing will make winter driving just like hitting the road on a nice summer day, tire chains from Sears can help. Tires that offer more advanced traction still need help trudging through especially challenging conditions, and a set of tires with healthy tread can still be improved by a set of chains. The improved traction can reduce the likelihood of slipping or skidding, potentially avoiding a situation that might call for tire repair and sealant.

Ladder style chains go horizontally across the tread and are evenly spaced, giving your car the kind of traction profile similar to that of an off-road vehicle. They're excellent for moving forward through ice and snow. If you're more worried about making it around a sharp curve without sliding from the road, diamond chains might be a better option. They form a diamond shape over the tread and offer improved lateral gripping. Whether you're navigating hills and valleys or winding through the twists and turns of a country roadway, snow chains can provide the traction you need to maintain control.

Keep a pair of chains right beside the car emergency kit in your trunk for when inclement weather conditions occur without notice. Prepare for ice and snow this winter with a powerful set of snow chains from Sears.