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Get Moving with Hitches and Towing Equipment

Whether you're going on a camping trip or need to haul extra equipment for your next home improvement project, a standard vehicle might not be able to handle the load on its own. Whenever you need to carry more items than usual, consider attaching hitches and towing equipment to your car. Sears carries a large selection of hitches and towing accessories that are constructed to handle almost any capacity. Get the towing supplies you need to tow boats, trailers and much more.

Moving is often a tedious process, and it can be expensive if you decide to hire movers. Having the right towing equipment and hitches can save you lots of time and extra expenses. From a class one model to the heavy-duty towing capacity of a class 5 hitch, Sears has many types of hitches to get the job done. You'll be able to transport couches, tables and other bulky furniture. Make sure to grab tow straps, cargo trays and other accessories to make your move as painless as possible.

Hitches and towing supplies come in handy whenever you hit the road in an RV. No one likes to drive cross-country in a car cramped with all your luggage and supplies. Different kinds of towing accessories and trailer hitches can be a lifesaver when hauling all your camping gear. High-grade hitches are designed to transport things as heavy as a car or boat so you can use either once your RV is parked at the campsite.

Towing equipment and trailer hitches are also the perfect automotive tool for any home improvement task. Whether you're filling your trailer with remodeling equipment, landscaping supplies or home repair items, a reliable trailer can help you move everything back and forth efficiently. Instead of putting all of the strain on your vehicle tires, you'll be able to divide up the weight by hauling large items in an attached trailer. Make sure that you have the proper hitch for your vehicle to safely get your cargo where you want to go. You also want to install lights and other electrical accessories onto your trailer in case you plan on transporting items during the nighttime.

Whenever you need to tow something your car can't handle on its own, hitches and towing equipment are a must. Sears has the towing equipment and hitches for your car, truck or SUV so you can move your cargo quickly and efficiently.