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Safety at Home Starts with Childproofing Products

Childproofing products make your home environment safe for a new baby, a crawling infant or an inquisitive toddler. Each room of the home poses its unique dangers. Whether it is a hot pot on the stove or the water-filled toilet in the bathroom, it is impossible to predict what a baby will decide to investigate. At the same time, it would be unrealistic to expect that your baby will not manage to enter one of these rooms at some point. To prevent injuries and accidents from occurring, it is vital that you have the right mix of safety products on hand.

For example, Dream Baby magnetic locks from Sears allow you to close off bathroom and kitchen cabinets that your child can reach. By requiring the use of a magnetic key to undo the locks, your child will not have access to dangerous or objectionable items. Prevent a closing door from harming small fingers with slam guards. Corner cushions allow you to keep your coffee table in the room albeit with rounded edges so that a crawling child will not experience a nasty head bump.

Keep your infant close with one of the many baby carriers from the Sears catalog. Baby Bjorn, Ergo Baby and Infantino are just a few of the manufacturers that make these useful devices. They keep your hands free and your infant close to your chest. Look for vented models to keep your baby comfortable during the warmer months. Some carriers also feature detachable LED safety reflectors that make you and your baby more visible during your early evening walk.

When it is time to wind down for the night, trust baby bathing safety items to make the tub session safe and fun. For the youngest infants, there is the Fisher Price baby tub that comes with a stopper and molded backing to keep the infant in the right position. Older babies and young toddlers benefit from the Dream Baby bath seat. Suction cups secure the seat to the bottom of the bathtub while the adjustable seating plate keeps the baby from slipping in the tub.

Miscellaneous baby safety products round out your selection of childproofing items. Monitors let you keep an eye on your baby during nap time. Retractable baby gates from Kiddy Guard keep your crawling or walking baby confined to a safe room and away from stairs or rooms that contain hazards. Remember to also stock up on healthcare kits that feature thermometers, bulb syringes and measuring spoons for the times when the little one is under the weather.

Sears offers a large inventory of childproofing products, baby carriers, baby bathing safety items and baby safety products. Keeping your child safe at home and when you are visiting friends has never been easier. Stock up on a wide variety of safety products today, and childproof your home tonight. Sit back and enjoy quality time with your baby in the safe and fun environment that is your home.