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Take care of all your baby's diaper needs with a variety of solutions from Sears

A clean, dry baby is a happy baby, and a lot of that has to do with choosing the right diaper and diaper accessories. Whether you decide to go with cloth diapers or disposable diapers will depend on several factors. Some people choose cloth diapers in order to be eco-conscious. Others say they are more comfortable than disposables and even encourage earlier potty training because the baby can feel more moisture than with disposable diapers, which tend to be ultra-absorbent. Most people still choose disposable diapers, though, for the convenience factor.

Disposable diapers today are much more biodegradable than when they first came out; the outside of most disposable diapers feels a lot like cloth, only it's engineered to be moisture-resistant. Just like deciding whether to breast feed or use baby formula, which diapers you choose for your baby is based on personal preference. If you do choose cloth diapers, you might be surprised at how they've changed! Today's cloth diapers have snaps or Velcro rather than the giant diaper pins of yesteryear, and are designed to contain leaks very well. Some have liners, too, that can be changed out, along with an outer shell that can be wiped clean, creating less laundry. You'll want to decide whether you are going to launder the soiled diapers yourself or use a service.

When shopping for baby, you'll discover that like baby bottles there are many varieties of diapers. Should you choose to use disposable it's important to understand the different types that you can purchase. There are specialty diapers for newborns, crawlers, walkers and for overnight leak protection, each offering specific leakage protection based on the situation. There are even diapers made especially for swimming.

Just as you'll do research to decide what crib to purchase and what type of pacifiers to buy for your baby to soothe his or her tears, choosing diapers just requires a little research. You can spend time weighing cost and comfort versus other factors like the age of your baby and the absorbency that seems to be best for your little one. Many new parents simply try out a brand and see how baby responds to it; what you decide to do will depend on your baby's needs, your budget and your personal preference. You're certainly not at a loss for choices. Rest assured you'll find the diaper that's right for your baby.

Choosing what style of diapers you want to use can and will likely change as you get to know what works best with your baby. Whether you decide to use cloth diapers or disposable ones, and premium diapers or budget-friendly alternatives, you'll find everything you need for your baby at Sears.