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Baby Carriers keep your Child Safe and Healthy

From the moment of birth, parents instinctively want to hold their babies close. Constantly carrying a little one, however, can actually injure your back and shoulders. Baby carriers provide a way to maintain that close physical bond without causing discomfort. Sears is your go-to source for all types, styles and sizes of baby carriers and Disney baby gear.

One of the most basic types of baby carriers is the baby sling. Slings feature a simple design with one piece of fabric secured with a ring fastening system. The sling wraps around the body, creating a pocket where your child can ride and can accommodate both babies and toddlers. Slings are worn on one shoulder, wrapping around the back and one of your hips. Of all the styles of carriers, slings are the least expensive option.

Unlike the sling, wrap carriers are generally made out of a fabric with some give, perfect for a wide variety of carries, including front, back and hip carries. Sears carries several high-quality wrap carriers, including the popular Moby Wrap brand. Small babies are comforted by the snug hold provided by the flexible fabric of the wrap, while wraps easily support a front-facing position for larger babies. Wraps may not be ideal for new baby-carrying parents; the style has a heavy learning curve. Sears recommends that you start with one or two wrapping methods before branching out into the full possibilities of this carrier.

While there are many options at Sears, some parents strongly prefer the support and structure offered by a traditional front pack baby carrier. Front pack carriers have a structured soft frame, featuring straps that go over your shoulders and cross between your shoulder blades. Your baby rides in a supportive seat right against your chest. Front packs are designed to distribute your baby's weight evenly across your body, and many parents find them more comfortable than other options. Front packs, however, do not offer the same versatility as other styles. For active parents, a similar design is used on backpack carriers. A hard metal frame is substituted for the soft frame of the front pack, and your older baby is worn on your back.

Because you want to keep your baby close, Sears provides one-stop shopping for all your baby carrier needs. With our wide selection and excellent prices, consider us the experts when it comes to comfortably carrying your baby.