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Baby Health & Safety

Baby proof any room with baby safety products

Baby safety products help ensure that your little ones stay protected while exploring the world around them. Parents can feel greater peace of mind during everyday activities with a few safeguards in place. Whether washing the baby in a plastic infant tub or blocking off the kitchen with a baby gate, baby safety products from Sears help create a safer household for the whole family.

Push plug protectors into outlets and slip a few plastic covers over the door knobs of the living room to keep babies and toddlers out of harm’s way. These lightweight pieces are easy to install, but also easy to remove if needed. While the baby is crawling and playing with floor toys, block off the open doorways with a locking baby gate. Choose from simple plastic models or stained wood varieties to complement your home decor.

Parents can also find specialty products that are tailored to the unique needs of a newborn. An infant bathtub features an ergonomic design and colorful decorations that keep a baby secure and entertained. After a good wash in the tub, set up a baby monitor next to the crib as your little one sleeps. Try audio and video models to keep an eye on junior from any room in the home. Protect your bundle of joy with baby safety products from Sears.