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Nursery Decor

Create a charming atmosphere for your baby with nursery decor

Adorable nursery decor creates an inviting space that can turn a blank room into a magical environment for your new baby. You can add functional flair with nursery decorations like whimsical clocks, picture frames and toy bags. Colorful mobiles and plush toys have fun designs that will entertain young minds for hours. Easily personalize your child's nursery with engaging decor pieces from Sears.

Practical nursery items can help simplify your daily routine. Having a wicker hamper close to your changing table makes cleanup time easy. Keep stuffed animals organized with the help of a folding toy bag. You can even find charming clocks for nurseries that will keep you right on schedule while delighting your baby with quirky designs.

Nursery decorations can enchant your young ones for hours. Plush items like cloth dolls and stuffed animals add soft comforts to your baby's crib. Rocking horses make playtime extra exciting, and classic spinning mobiles play soothing music keep your little one relaxed and entertained.

Your newborn will enjoy a calming atmosphere with the help of hand-picked nursery decorations. Easily coordinate your decor for a matching look or create an eclectic style with the many great pieces at Sears. Your whole family will make beautiful memories in a gorgeous room outfitted for your little one with new nursery decor.