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Keep Toys Easily Accessible with Child-sized Toddler Storage

Tidy up kids' rooms and playrooms using intuitive toddler storage. Complement your child's toddler dresser and armoire with stylish bedroom storage pieces and closet organizers for a more coordinated look. Toddler toy chests help keep playrooms clutter-free after a long day of play. Store toys, books, toddler clothing and more in functional toddler storage furniture from Sears.

Having colorful, toddler-size hangers in the closet makes it a lot more fun for kids to pick out clothes in the morning. These fun organizing essentials feature designs and characters that will bring a smile to your little one's face.

Enhance your child's playroom with a new toddler furniture set and plenty of toddler toy storage. Slide rattan toy storage baskets into open cubbies for a neat, elegant look. Many storage baskets come with removable fabric liners that you can toss in the wash with the rest of the laundry.

Station a bookcase next to the bed for holding your son or daughter's bedtime story collection. Rack storage bookshelves display books with the covers facing outward so that kids can see the illustrations, making it easier to pick out the one they want to read. Get a handle on clutter with convenient toddler storage from Sears.