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Toddler Furniture

Decorate and organize the kids' room with toddler furniture

Toddler furniture helps parents transition the nursery into a kid-friendly environment. Swap out the crib for an adorable toddler bed and add a brightly-colored desk for reading or art projects. Sears has all the furnishings that you need to create a beautifully decorated room that kids and parents will both adore.

Toddler furniture makes any kids' room cozy and comfortable. Create a soothing spot for nap time with the help of a brand-new character bed and kids bedding set. You could use a classic wooden frame with built-in guardrails or a decorated bed, adorned with colorful patterns. The transitional size is just right for toddlers who are too big for the crib, but not yet ready for a full-size bed. Add a seating area or a colorful desk set so your toddler has a place to draw and color.

Keep clutter at bay with storage furniture pieces. Place stuffed animals and building blocks safe inside a toy box. Multiple bins and boxes provide a dedicated spot and plenty of space for every toy in his or her collection. Organize a growing wardrobe inside a dresser or armoire. Try a bright white armoire to match a light color scheme or brighten up the room with a multi colored chest of drawers. Create a joyful and functional space for your little one with toddler furniture from Sears.