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Add Fun to Bath Time with Baby Bath Toys from Sears

Baby bath toys can keep a smile on your child's face from the first splash until they're completely dried off. Like having a special car seat toy for long rides, toddler bath toys can make what might otherwise feel like a chore to your little boy or girl something they look forward to. Set up an exciting toss game designed specifically for the tub. Waterproof components and floating balls make shooting hoops fun and easy for players of any age.

Toss in a set of animal-shaped water squirters and washable bath crayons and see what sort of interesting games they come up with. Electronic educational toys might stop at the bathroom door, but that doesn't mean that learning has to. Floating shapes, letters and numbers can turn bath time into a time for learning and for fun. For an interesting twist, change the color of bathwater with bath dyes. The specially formulated colorings won't stain skin, tubs or fabrics and can be safely drained away with the bath water afterwards. Add non-slip bath liners to the base of the tub for extra traction while your little one splashes and plays.

With the right baby and toddler bath toys, you can make bath time enjoyable for the kids and the adults. Fill up your bathtub toy storage container with fun baby bath toys from Sears.