BBT BAMBOOST Replacement Parts Compatible with EcoVacs Deebot 500 Robotics Vacuum Cleaner Kit (Pack of 16)

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Tips and Skills:

1.If brushes bent due to shipping,recover them by simply soaking with warm water for a while.

2.Change the spare parts every 3~6 months(depending on usage frequency)

3.Snap the fitler into place for quick and effortless replacement.No tools required.

How to replace the filter set:

1.Take out the dirt bin.

2.Put the new filter set into the dirt bin.(Make sure the black sponge filter on the bottom)

3.Close the filter door,and reinstall the dirt bin back to the robot cleaner.

How to replace the side brushes:

1.Roll the Deebot over on a flat surface. The brushes will be located on the front with bright connectors.

2.Place a plastic opening tool(or coin) under the lip of the brush head.

3.Gently pry up with the opening tool(or coin) so that the brush comes out completely.

4.Simply replace a new side brush by putting it back to the connector.

Package included:

1 main brush

8 sets filters kit (8pcs high efficiency filters+8pcs foam filters)

6 pcs side brushes

1 primary filter

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