Bearway 2 Tires Bearway Atlas A/T1 LT 265/75R16 Load E 10 Ply AT A/T All Terrain

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Bearway Atlas A/T1

The Bearway Atlas A/T1 is an all terrain, all season tire made for light trucks. The model promotes excellent traction on- and off-road as well. The aggressive tread design strongly grips versatile terrain surfaces. This tread pattern is able to maintain constant forward motion on soft, loose, and uneven terrains. The consistent surface contact enhances steering responsiveness and driving stability. The steering response time is quicker and more precise to the driver's instructions. The durable compound also protects the tire from external damage and keeps the ideal tire shape under load and driving pressure. The Bearway Atlas A/T1 promotes excellent dry, wet, and winter traction.


  • All terrain tire - This model can easily handle soft, loose, and uneven terrains and promotes a smooth ride during the on-road drive.
  • All season tire - The tread design and the all season compound boost the dry, wet, and winter grip and prevent hydroplaning on-road.
  • Handling - The tread design with the siping detail, wide shoulder blocks, and grooves improves controllability and maneuvering.

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Item# : A115367199
Model # :
  • Product Overview:

    • Truck Tire Type:
      All terrain

  • Sizing:

    • Tire Size:

  • Design:

    • Sidewall Treatment:

    • Stud Capability:

  • Speed Ratings:

    • Speed Rating:

  • Size:

    • Aspect Ratio:

    • Rim Diameter:

    • Section Width:

  • Specifications:

    • Load Index:

    • Maximum Load in lbs.:

    • Overall Diameter :
      31.6 (in.)

    • Tread Depth in inches:

    • Treadlife:

    • Treadwear Grade:

    • Tire Performance Grade:
      Extreme Performance